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does anyone else know that feel of being fixated on labels and personality tests and shit because they’re the only things that give you a solid grip on your identity

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episode 12

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and there’s a brawl!

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Darrien Hunt was just a young nerdy cosplayer that liked anime and was still seen as a dangerous threat. like no matter how far away from a “thug” you behave if you are black you are a target you are being watched and you are not safe in America

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I miss running around outside in the rain with my friends and we would get splinters and then jump in the pool and hot tub and then watch Tokyo mew mew or sailor moon I feel like goon back in time right now warm fireplace. animal crossing I can’t stop thinking about animal crossing my ass hurts I have ass and uterus problems

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here’s some more emojis…. loosely speaking

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meet us in the pit man, we’ll fuck you up.

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i know i love you, and you love the sea  // listen //

001 tonight youre perfect [ new politics ] // 002 unbelievers [ vampire weekend ] // 003 we’re happening [ the vaccines ] // 004 a certain romance [ arctic monkeys ] // 005 anthems for a seventeen year old girl [ broken social scene ] // 006 pictures of you [ the cure ] // 007 miss missing you [ fall out boy ] // 008 peach [ the front bottoms ] // 009 love is a place [ metric ] // 010 hate to see your heart break [ paramore ] // 011 the end of all things [ panic at the disco ] // 012 skinny love [ bon iver ] // 013 cape town [ the young veins ] // 014 diplomats son [ vampire weekend ] // 015 youre so cool, im so freaky [ kate nash ] // 016 always [ blink-182 ]

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awkwardly i just saw an artist on my dash who took $20 from me and never completed my order and just kinda ignored all of my messages

i forgot about them until just now

strangely enough i dont even care that they stole my money im just worried that they stopped doing my order/ignored me because i did something wrong? though im not sure what i ever did to them to deserve that

i think its fucked up when i get scammed and instead of being mad at them i just feel like “shit what did i do”

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Tag weird teacher student stuff as csa plz

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Goodbye, Nine. I'm going on ahead.


hobbies: mentally rewriting all stories to be gayer and gentler