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instead of them being spread out in tiny posts i’m reposting these babs grouped all together. ; u; our little solar system havin an ugly sweater party. ♥

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partially as an apology for flanderizing her in all my GILG jokes lol, here’s Lirra (also an opportunity to test my new cintiq so I went.. kinda more overboard than I intended uh)


I feel like one of those late-night infomercials right now. ‘IT DOES IT ALL JUST BUY IT NOW.’

Hi! My name is Jules and I want your money. Technically, this isn’t false but I also wanna help you guys out and pretty much give you anything you haven’t been able to afford. This is your chance to get anything, literally anything, you could possibly want.

I suppose some people want to hear a sob-story about how I become a one-legged fish at night and I need a surgery but I honestly don’t have anything like. My family, though a trip, is okay and so am I. Though, I am deaf in one ear, which is cool I mean come on. 

I’m honestly just looking to raise a bit of money to make my college life a bit easier and maybe even get a tattoo or help pay for my goal to study abroad. 


  • Want a new theme but nothing fits what you had in mind? I will literally make you a theme.
  • Have you ever wanted a poem written about the love affair between the sky and the sea? Weird, but I will write it for you.
  • Are you an aspiring cook and want a recipe from a plebeian such as myself? I’ve got tons. (Same with drink recipes; I’m yours.)
  • Need a graphic for an upcoming BOTM or Follow-Forever? I gotchu.
  • Want a shitty comic? I will make you the shittiest comic.
  • Want a new icon but don’t have the talent? LOL Well, me neither but I will draw or edit you the most hella icon on the planet.
  • Have lyrics to a song you wrote and don’t have music or anyone to sing it? I sound like a cat but I will do the best damn work on making that ish become a number 1 hit.

I’m a sophomore (???) in college where I study television and radio; I will gladly write you a script or something if you have an idea for a show or film or anything! I’ve taken art all my life and I still don’t have much to show for it other than this stuff but I will gladly put my entire being into creating whatever you are looking for.

There are no bounds with art and writing! Sex, gore, or murder? SURE. Literally, lay it on me and I will do it.

Okay, so it says a dollar. This is true, I will literally do it for a dollar. But it isn’t the limit. If you think that you should be paying more, you can. If you can’t afford more, just give me a dollar.. maybe even less. I’m here to help you guys first. To be honest, if you asked nicely or traded or something, I’d probably do it for free.

If you want samples of my work, please ask.. though, everything I do is incredibly different. I’ve done my best to keep my hand in every candy bowl and some work that I do may seem better than others. In my mind, it’s all terrible so I mean ??? 

The payments will be through PayPal; if you intend on paying, please let me know in an ask (this is also where you should place your order for something) and I will send you a link! If you just want to donate, click here, then click on donate. Thanks, mom.

Sorry for hogging your dash for a moment but thanks for reading if you did! You are hella cool, man, and you look hella cute today.

I will, will, willwork my damnedest for that dollar.

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yowapedal fencing au…………………… im so sorry

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The Batter is a competitive fellow.

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josuke higashikata reacting realistically to the supernatural

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:33 < talk to me boys

i made a rp blog

Anonymous: "What does your porn collection look like? (If you have one)"
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Yes and holy crap yes anon. :)

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